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Nacini Placanja


About us


For over 10 years of successful performance MONTENEGROCAR Rent a Car Company has been offering professional car rental services in Montenegro for individuals and businesses.


The high level of professionalism from our staff, special attention to customers' needs, competitive prices and the excellent condition of our cars has given us an outstanding reputation as a company that has established itself as one of the most reliable and cost effective car rentals in Montenegro.


Our high class managers make the basis of MONTENEGROCAR. They are standing at the origins of our company growth and working here more than 10 years. Thus, we have formed a real team of Car-Hire Specialists.

For the convenience of our customers our managers are fluent in several languages: Russian, Serbian, English, and German.


MONTENEGROCAR Rent a Car makes available the following brands: Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, Skoda, Renault, Nissan, Suzuki, and Hyundai.

Within these brands we also offer various models.

All cars are in perfect mechanical condition and appearance and consistent with strict regulatory requirements.

We offer our customers everything to satisfy their leisure, business travel or residential needs within Montenegro.

Transportation is the main priority for vacationers and residents of Montenegro, and our car rental services continually enjoy growing popularity with tourists, business people, and local residents of Montenegro.


Personal vehicles are not immune to damage, which has made car renting a viable option.


MONTENEGROCAR also offers private chauffeur services, in other words to rent a car with a private driver for a previously agreed upon route.

This service is very popular and convenient when meeting important guests or for self-planned excursions.


Car rentals are offered to our customers with very favorable terms.


Check prices, and the full list of cars available on the “tarrifs” link.


Our services include:

• Rent a car

• Rent a car with private driver

• Chauffeur Driver

• Transfers.


Benefits of renting with us:


• Cars with powerful engines that allow travel through mountainous terrains

• Cars with diesel fuel, which reduces your costs at the gas stations

• No bright outdoor advertising

• In perfect condition

• Fast delivery

• Minimum deposit required

• Fast and easy paperwork

• CTP insurance and Comprehensive car insurance

• Unlimited mileage

• Any payment method

• We always have promotions available

• Online car rental option available

• Telephone Customer Service available to answer all your questions

• Free 24 Hour Technical assistance

• Booking your car rental in advance will secure the availability of your desired car and dates.



Contact us
+382 68 248 040
+382 68 543 313

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