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Nacini Placanja


Favourite hire car choices in Montenegro

Rental car demand for certain models depends on many factors, the most important of them are cost effectiveness, comfort, and mobility on the Montenegrin roads. Tourists love hatchbacks due to their small sizes, these cars are compact and at the same time they have a capacious saloon. This is very important car feature for tourists. The roads in Montenegro are rather narrow, especially in the places of main attractions, moreover, in summer season the driver needs to find a parking space for the car, so the smaller car you have, the easily you will find the parking space.

Cars are divided into several segments by their cost, type, set of options and other parameters.


What are the favourite hire cars among the tourists in Montenegro?


Economy and Compact Rental Cars.

The most popular car in this segment is the Renault Clio. The cost effectiveness of this model was appreciated by many drivers. Skoda Fabia is also in demand in this category. The main advantages of Skoda Fabia are the capacity and the cost effectiveness. Fiat Panda is the smallest popular rental car due to the cheapest car rental price. Renault Megane is also popular because of its comfort and capacity.




Middle Class Cars.

Volkswagen Golf is the most loved car among the tourists in the middle class cars. These vehicles are convenient in driving, they are defined by increased safety, increased engine power, and also excellent capacity. Mercedes A-Class, Volkswagen Polo, Nissan Note are also in a high demand among the middle class cars. These are quite comfortable, spacious and maneuverable cars, they are great for long road trips around Montenegro.




Business Class Cars.

These cars are defined by attractive car appearance and design. For comfortable and representative driving in Montenegro drivers choose German cars, such as Mercedes B-Class, Volkswagen Golf VI Plus, and cabriolets to create and remember great moments, specifically Volkswagen EOS cabrio.

Such car models are chosen by the residents of big cities, metropolises, who are used to comfort, and do not want to deny themselves anything during their vacation.


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