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Nacini Placanja


Family Car Rental

Car rental agencies offer all kinds of family cars to rent in Montenegro. And couples have a big choice to find a suitable car.


Family cars must meet certain requirements, they have be spacious and comfortable. And for a family of 6 or more this car is not a luxury, but it is really a necessity.

Upon arrival in Montenegro, you will need to put all luggage, baby carriages, and perhaps to find a place for fishing gear in the family car.



Therefore, this car should be quite capacious, have enough engine capacity to drive on mountain Montenegrin roads confidently and safely. The family cars should have high ground clearance to not sit on the underbody in poor conditions, to park easily, to not catch a curb or a stone on the roadside.


Jeep will not meet all your requirements, and you cannot accommodate your whole family with comfort in small cars. So, the only option for renting a car in Montenegro that can fit the whole family is to rent a family car - minivan.

When you choose a car for rent, it is worth to pay attention on a rental price, further rental costs and taxes, cost effectiveness, convenience and safety. For example, the sedan will also not match, because its interior is not so capacious.


One of the most spacious, safe, cost effective and comfort cars for the whole family is a 7-seater Volkswagen Touran. Touran has spacious rear seats, so your children will feel comfortable during the trip. In addition, this minivan has a third row of seats. If necessary, you can also remove the rear seats and make the load area huge. Touran is quite a powerful car, and it is cost effective due to a diesel engine.


There is another great family car - Volkswagen Sharan, which is comfortable, powerful and cost effective. Sharan has an extremely spacious interior and high capacity.

We put safety first when we trip with the whole family. And these two Volkswagen models of the family cars are very reliable, which puts them in the top 5 the most popular family rental cars in Montenegro.


Mercedes Vito minibus with eight seats is also a good choice to rent for the whole family. This family car also meets all the requirements of reliability and comfort. Three rows of spacious rear seats, high engine power – these are only some advantages of this comfortable minibus.


After viewing all the options for the rental car, you decide which car is the best for your family.

We wish you to make the right and successful choice!

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