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Secrets of car rental in Montenegro


Secrets of car rental in Montenegro


Montenegro is a small country in Southeastern Europe, situated on the Adriatic coast. This not quite small country (161st in the world) really has a lot you need to see. National parks, canyons, rivers, mountains, temples, lakes - they are worth to see. You just need to take advantage of car rental services in Montenegro and to go on a journey.

There are two airports in Montenegro. Podgorica Airport (in the capital of Montenegro) and Tivat Airport are used for international flights. The distance between two airports is only 80 km, so there is no domestic flights in Montenegro. Podgorica Airport is 90 km away from the Adriatic coast and takes up to 70 flights per day.

Tivat Airport is located on the Adriatic Sea, in the Kotor Bay, in 5 km from the Tivat town. Tivat Airport takes up to 60 flights per day.

If you are arriving in Montenegro on vacation, it is likely, your plane lands at the Tivat airport.

It’s no matter which of two places will open Montenegrin gates for you, car which is booking in advance using the service of will wait for you at the airport of arrival.


Dispell myths

Car rentals are straightforward in Montenegro. Europe is too scrupulous in such matters, but in Montenegro it's much easier.

All types of driver license are valid in Montenegro if they are valid in the country of issue. It is not necessary to have international driving license.



Phone numbers you have to know:

- 122 - Police.

- 1340 - roadside assistance.

- 1281 - EUROHELP (roadside assistance).


Check list for drivers

Each country has its own rules and laws.

What you should know:

- You only have to be the age of 21 to rent a car in Montenegro.

- Your driving experience should be more then 2 years.

- Your driver license establishes progressive access in category B. 


The following information will not be superfluous:

- When you calculate the transport costs, please, remember that the price of 1 liter of gasoline is 1.10 Euro.

- About insurance and deposit as well as about other conditions of rent you should specify in advance.


If you:

- Have learned the traffic rules of Montenegro;

- Know the local customs;

- Understand the road signs;

- Orient themselves in space;

Feel free to contact the car hire company in Montenegro.


Montenegrin roads keep their secrets

What do we know about the roads in Montenegro?  Yes, traffic in Montenegro is really without traffic jams and roads are narrow, usually there are two-lane roads. 70% of Montenegrin roads are in the highlands. Some parts of highlands have quite rugged relief, so there are a lot of serpentines in Montenegro.  There are high-mountain roads on steep slopes that were built during the Austro-Hungarian Empire. They are notable for excessive narrowness and tortuosity.

There are no highways in Montenegro. That is convenient for tourists, because they want to enjoy the beauty of the country without rush.


Car insurance

Hiring a car in Montenegro you can use the following car insurance types:

- Comprehensive car insurance,

- Mandatory car insurance,

- Third-party car insurance.



Sights of Montenegro

Montenegro has always attracted travelers with a variety of preferences.

There is no any country in Europe which is ready to compete with Montenegro in the richness of nature and the beauty of the beaches. Certainly, Montenegro is famous for its natural beauty, some of them are:

Skadar Lake

- Boka Kotor Bay

- Kotor Old Town, Perast

- Old Cetinje and Monastery of Cetinje

- Ostrog Monastery

- Durmitor National Park and the Tara River Canyon. The Tara River Canyon is the second largest canyon after Colorado in the world.

- Solila Bird Sanctuary in Tivat

Biogradska Gora Natural Park

- Lovcen National Park

- Velika Plaza, long beach 13 km in length with dark volcanic sand, known for its health benefit.

- Sveti Stefan Island.

 The list is endless. How to have a chance to see everything?

Some tourists get on a bus and go on a set route, others entrust themselves to a local taxi driver, and still others need to feel unrestricted freedom of movement with a rental car.

Booking a hire car in Montenegro is one of the service opportunities of

Parking for your rental car you can find on allowed parking places or on paid parking places in all towns.


The most popular cars


The most popular are the following categories of cars:

  - Economy Class Cars - small cars with air conditioning, with 1.5 liters engines.

For example, Fiat PandaSkoda Fabia. Tourists usually rent them in summer, only to move from point A to point B and to make short trips independently.  Weekly car rental rates are 200-260 Euro for this class.


- Middle Class Cars, suitable for driving on narrow mountain roads of Montenegro, but quite spacious, larger in size and engine volume, very comfortable cars, especially for long trips.  

These are Volkswagen Golf 5Volkswagen Golf 5 Plus, Volkswagen Polo and Mercedes A-Class, Nissan Note. They are used for business or for private trips, weekly car rental rates are 250-300 Euro.


- Business Class Cars – the most comfortable cars. These are Volkswagen Golf 6 PlusMercedes B-Class . Weekly car rental rates are 300-350 Euro for this class.


- Family Cars - Minivans - the most practical option for family or party travel. This class is usually represented by Volkswagen Touran, a weekly car rental rate is 385-400 Euro. This car is very comfortable for a group of 6-7 people with luggage.


In addition, there is a type of car which is in a great demand, it is a cabriolet. Tourists love to rent cabriolets because the holiday at the sea, beautiful nature of Montenegro, pine groves and the genial Montenegrin sunshine are favorable for open-top driving.

Rent of VW EOS cabriolet gives you an unforgettable and unique driving experience.


The most competitive rates

The lowest rate may be available only if you order the car not later than 24 hours before the beginning of the rent.  And it is better to book a specific car, for example, minivan or cabriolet in advance because their quantity is limited.

Another way to reduce the rental price is to book a car through the Internet.

There are bookings via the Internet when the car is taken and returns in the same location.

There is an order to delivery and after to return the car in different cities, MontenegroCar Rent a Car provides this service. Some models of rental cars are not allowed to leave the country at all. There are some nuances with insurance coverage. The insurance costs increase of 30-40% when the rental car leaves the country. Of course, you need to know in advance about such nuances.

Ask about it your manager before the signing the car rental agreement. MontenegroCar gives written specific permission for border crossing with a rental car, including the Green Card international insurance.



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