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Nacini Placanja


7 tips to rent a car in Montenegro


The best way to learn a new country and to see as much of the country as you can in a short time is to travel across the country by car. Also car rental gives driver another valuable opportunity to discover this car during the test drive.


To minimize the risk of unnecessary waste of time and money during the car rental in Montenegro, please, follow rational rules and tips, which MontenegroCar Rent a Car shares with you:



1. Before signing a Car Rental Agreement carefully read terms and conditions of car rental and insurance. Pay attention to the insurance of civil liability and deductible, if there is. The deductible is an initial amount of damage the policy owner must pay. Damage over this amount is covered by the policy.

Deductibles can be stated either as an amount of money or as a percentage of the policy limit.

If a deductible there is in the rental agreement – this is a disadvantage for the client because this amount of expenses he must pay out of pocket before an insurer will pay any expenses.



2. As a guarantee of a payment many rent a car companies in Montenegro block a certain amount of money (deposit) on the client's credit card before the end of the car rental. Specify when and under what circumstances a hire car company can use this money, as well as the conditions and duration of deblocking the deposit.



3. When signing a Car Rental Agreement carefully check the rental car in the presence of the manager of hire car company, write down all defects in vehicle appearance (scratches, indents, flaws, chips and cracks on the windows and headlights, missing wheel covers, tools, mats, etc.) in a special form. Require the manager to sign or set seal on your copy of agreement.



4. Similarly fix the amount of fuel in the tank. According most conditions of rental agreements you have to return the car with the same fuel level as it was at the moment of car delivery. If you bring the car back less than full, you’ll pay a fuel service charge.



5. In case you are involved in an accident or collision during your rental you have to act in accordance with Montenegrin laws, rental rules and insurance.

First call police. This is critical in case someone is injured, and a police report can help you in case you need to make an insurance claim. If there are other driver(s) involved, take down their insurance information before leaving the scene.

Call hire car company. The company can help you get the car towed to special location if the car cannot be driven or advise you what your next steps should be. It’s important that you don’t drive the car unless the company authorize you because you could cause additional damage by driving an already damaged vehicle.


If no injuries or serious damage occurred, you and the others involved in the accident may not even call police to investigate the scene. In this case the owner of insured vehicle can fix the incident and damage in a special form. This rule does not apply to the car renter, it requires owner's presence. If you can, take a picture of car accident consequences on camera or mobile phone.



6. Check the documents for the car (vehicle registration certificate, insurance policy, Green Card, passenger insurance, car rental agreement, European Accident Report) after you represented them to the traffic police or at the border crossings.



7. At the end of the rental term, when you retune a car, get a signature on the documents from manager of hire car company or from another authorized person (for example, from manager of the hotel)  to confirm that you bring a car back in wholeness and integrity. After the end of car rental keep all the documents within a month.



MontenegroCar Rent a Car wishes you a pleasant and safe journey!


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