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Nacini Placanja




The car rental price includes:

• Unlimited mileage within the territory of Montenegro

• Car delivery and collection in Tivat Airport 

• Green Card

• VAT - 21%

• Third Party Car Insurance (mandatory insurance) and passengers' insurance

• Road map of Montenegro

• Second driver (if requested)

• 24-hour telephone assistance service

• Snow chains (if requested)

• Child seat (if requested). You must specify the type of child seat: 0-13 kg, 9-18 kg, or 15-36 kg

• GPS Navigation with detailed maps of Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina (if requested).


Terms and conditions of car rental:

• The car rental price depends on the car model, engine capacity, operation mode and the number of rental days. Prices are in euro per rental day with VAT included.


• The requirements for drivers:

Minimum age is 25 years old.

Maximum age: there is no limit.

Drivers must have driving experience of at least 2 years.


• Minimum rental period is 24 hours. A delay of one hour for the delivery of the car is permitted.


• When you rent a car for a period of more than 16 days, the price is less and negotiable.


• Fuel: The Renter gets a car with a full tank of fuel and must return the vehicle with the same fuel level as when the vehicle was taken.


• Deposit as a guarantee is required: 100-200 € for an economy class and small groups (A and A +), 200-300 € for a middle class (B).


• Borders crossing: by request

Specific permission can be made (you can drive a car outside of Montenegro in Croatia (to Dubrovnik) and Bosnia and Herzegovina (to Trebinje and Mostar) only by prior arrangement with MontenegroCar Rent a Car company. Convertibles are only for driving within the territory of Montenegro.


• Insurance does not cover tires, glass, damages provoked at the underside parts of the vehicle, inside part of the vehicle-saloon, damages caused by unprofessional driving, filling inadequate fuel, damage or loss of keys or documents.


• Parking and road fines are responsibility of the Renter.


Car rental payment:


The total rental price is calculated based on the number of rental days multiplied by the daily rate, and pick up time and car return time must be the same.


Car rental booking is without prepayment.


Total payment for renting a car is made upon arrival when the Driver gets the vehicle for rent.


What forms of payment are accepted for renting a car?

A payment can be made in the form of cash, credit card, or debit card.

The guarantee deposit is paid in cash at the moment the Driver gets the vehicle, and it is also refundable in cash at the moment the vehicle is returned.


• If the return of the car is later than the time of collecting the car by 3-5 hours, then the client pays half the daily rate.


If the return of the car is later than the time of collecting the car by 6-15 hours, then the client pays the full daily rate.


• In case if the client delays the return of the car by 1 hour without notice, then he pays an additional full daily rate.


Changes and Cancellations: 

There are no change or cancellation fees on our car rentals.
For rental period changes, the fare difference and fare rules on date of change apply. Current fare rules apply based on the new rental car confirmation date.


You may modify your reservation by contacting us by email. Please provide the following:
Confirmation number 
Flight number
Date(s) of travel
Customer information (e.g., name, DOB, contact information, etc.).


If you collect a car not in airport and if you think you won't arrive on time, contact us to inform when we can expect you so we don't cancel your booking.


Cancellations may be performed by contacting us by email.


Due to a large number of car rental requests, we request that you cancel at least 72 hours before a scheduled arrival date (car pick up date).


Additional services:


• Comprehensive Car Insurance (CASCO insurance):

for economy class and small groups  - 10-15 € per day, including taxes;

for middle class - 15-20 € per day, including taxes;

for convertibles and minivans - 25 € per day, including taxes.


• Third driver - 20 € per all rental period

• Young driver surcharge - a young driver from 23 to 25 years old pays a specific charge in amount of 15 € per day

• Child seat (or booster seat) more than one – 1.5 € per day (maximum - 20 € per all rental period). You must specify the type of baby seat: 0-13 kg, 9-18 kg, or 15-36 kg.


• Car delivery or return services in locations:


Kotor, Krasici - 10 €

Budva, Dobrota - 18 €

Djenovici, Baosici, Bijela, Kamenari, Risan, Kostanica, Orahovac, Perast, Sveti Stefan, Milocer, Zanjice - 22 €

Petrovac, Rezevici, Herceg Novi, Sutomore, Bar - 25 €

Dobra Voda, Utjeha, Igalo - 30 €

Podgorica airport, Podgorica city, Ulcinj, Stoj, Ada Bojana - 35 €.




To order a car rental in Montenegro fill the Request Form on our website or send us a Car Rental Inquiry at 


Car Rental Inquiry Form:


1. Vehicle group, car model/type you want to reserve, car transmission (manual/automatic), additional equipment such as child safety seats, GPS units, mobility devices, and snow chains may be available.


2. The lead customer name. Driver’s date of birth.


3. Pick-up location. Pick-up date and time. Airline and flight number.


4. Drop off location. Drop off date and time.


5. Contact phone number.



Upon request we send you the information about available Rental Cars and the total rental price for specified rental period.


Car reservation is conducted without an advance payment


Required information for booking a car:


1. Arrival flight number or the address of the vehicle delivery (or you can pick up a car at our office at 11 Nikole Tesle Street, Tivat 

2. Contact phone number

3. Copy (photo) of Driver’s license.


We send you a Rental Car Confirmation on your email upon receiving from you all necessary information for reservation.


In addition, it is expected in Montenegro to pay a guarantee deposit. A guarantee deposit is paid in cash at the moment you get the vehicle, and it is refundable also in cash at the moment the vehicle is returned.


Our manager will be waiting for you at the airport arrivals with a sign MONTENEGROCAR or in other location marked in Rental Car Confirmation at specified time.


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